V Auto

V Auto Variasi is the Company ( Distributor ) is engaged in the sale Interior and Exterior Mobile ( Car accessories ), which was formed in 2010

V Auto is engaged in lamps and car accessories , we chose lights and car accessories business because this business is tailored to the needs and with the skill we have and the factor of adequate support for developing this business .


We agreed to make an effort in the field of lighting and car accessories , with this type of LED lights , DRL , HID , Projector , Etc . We believe this business will grow well because we are already cooperating with several stores and ensure the quality of our products .


BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT In Jakarta types of businesses in the field of light and his special car accessories Car Accessories has a very promising opportunity , because the vehicle is a tertiary human needs , coupled with the large number of cars in Indonesia . Therefore we are determined to develop the business lights and car accessories because it is supported on the many opportunities in developing this kind of business .

MARKET CONDITIONS If you see competitors engaged in a similar business , was already quite a lot . But we get around to the different innovation of products that already exist , namely , the innovation model of the shape , size variation and good, economical price , and most importantly the quality of our goods and durable . By this we believe the products we have are able to compete and sell in the market .

With the efforts of lights and car accessories which already has regular customers , we will add marketing to create a brochure (catalog ) to find agents who want to sell , so there will be many who helped to develop this business as well as participate in some events ( bazaar ) held by founding Stan.

ALLOCATION OF BUSINESS Jln. Industrial , Pasar Mobil Kemayoran , Block - M , No. 37 , Central - Jakarta . We chose that location , because of its place in the regional center Car specific marketing needs .


Distributor Lampu Mobil

Lampu dan aksesoris mobil di Jakarta

Penggunaan lampu pada kendaraan merupakan hal yang utama, khususnya untuk berkendara pada malam hari. Lampu mobil ada banyak macam dan jenisnya, seperti lampu drill, lampu LED head lamp, lampu strip, lampu fog dan varian lainnya. Penggunaannya disesuaikan dengan kebutuhan.
Kami V Auto menyediakan berbagai jenis lampu mobil dan aksesorisnya yang bisa digunakan untuk kebutuhan dan penampilan kendaraan Anda. Produk kami telah banyak digunakan pada berbagai jenis mobil karena mutu dan kualitasnya.
Kami juga menyediakan berbagai jenis spare part mobil sesuai kebutuhan Anda.
Silahkan hubungi kami untuk info detil.