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1. Main Functions and Requirements of tools Tomei Fuel Regulator

- Basically Fuel Pressure Regulator / FPR serves to regulate the fuel pressure coming from the gas pump to the injector.

- Ideal for the gas pressure inside the injector nozzle is usually 43.5Psi or 3.0 bars, but in some cases, the standard FPR is not able to function to keep the pressure on these figures, or in other cases if the car has been modified, it will require more pressure high so that the fuel can be atomized perfect through the injector. This is where the main role of Adjustable FPR, which is to keep the pressure remains stable, or to regulate the fuel pressure in accordance with the needs of the engine.

- Basically, every car is equipped with a factory default FPR, and even the latest generation car is equipped with a pressure sensor from the ECU, so they no longer use this tool. But at the injection car car Era 90s, the role of FPR is very significant to the overall work machine.

- At the time of the fuel pressure towards and within the injector nozzle does not meet the ideal standards, the fuel will not be able to completely atomized by the injector, in mild cases the symptoms are ajrut2an car, idling is not perfect, or even can not turn on at all.

- Advantages of External Adjustable FPR is that it is universal, so it can still be used if there Swap Engine, or instead of a car.

2. Components

- Body: Made of aluminum, so it is less susceptible to corrosion, but strong against impact / vibration.

- Inlet / Outlet: Serves as a channel, so that excess fuel is not needed to maintain the pressure, will be channeled back into the gas tank.

- Valve: Valve to keep up the pressure

- Pressure Gauge: as a measurement tool to bookmark the pressure in FPR

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