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Hks Grounding
Hks Grounding
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22 Oct 2018
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Specification of Hks Grounding

Benefits and HKS Ground Wire function is to stabilize the voltage and improve lighting and many other benefits due to the age of the vehicle who is getting older.

Symptoms are usually felt on bad quality grounding cable, among others:
1. Stater rather difficult.
It should be contact at start 1-2 times and in <0.5 second ignition key must be removed and the machine should immediately direct life. Not dipanteng the ignition for 1 second until the sound of the starter-cekekek cekekek new life 2-3 times. Healthy living directly reads a dynamo cekek stater.
2. Expenses of electricity such as lights (headlights / head lamp) dimmed, light is less bright, there was a surge currents due to bad ground and can cause burning of the light cable.
When severe conditions can be observed when the lamp is turned on all the time in the test and in the evenings, when the engine in gas / stationary engine rpm is raised from 800 rpm becomes eg 2500 rpm, the visible rays of light getting brighter headlamps also follow the rhythm of the engine RPM rotation. This has meant pain and groundnya cable lines.
3. Observe the speedometer panel portion, usually the indicator light will be dim and bright come when the engine rev up as the case no 2 lamp head lamp. Or the headlights (low beam) are turned on and then the emphasis lever large lamp (Dim / High beam) it is noticeable the blinking lights on the speedometer panel as well. Tidka should this be allowed to happen.
4. vital sensors such as knock sensor, Engine Coolant Temperature, distributor, CDI ignition, coil, Vehicle speed sensor, PNP switch, RPM sensor and others will be wrong in giving the input signal (usually increases resistance), resulting in increasingly high signal voltage is read by the brain in computer ECU.
5. Charging the battery by the alternator also be less than perfect result more quickly the battery is overdrawn.

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